Falling deeply, falling deeply. I want to get closer.

Welcome to skyremix.org, a glorified collective used to house all of the fanlistings that are run by Vii of The Dynamism Network. Previously opened in 2005 as Cyber Soda, skyremix.org was reopened sometime in 2012. Every single fanlisting features a subject that I am passionate about and love dearly. They are diverse in genre and subject, so feel free to wander through them, join should you choose to, or view all of the fanlistings that I myself have joined. Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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You are currently browsing version four of this site. It features a lovely illustration of Nai and Karoku from the anime/manga Karneval that I found at Minitokyo. It was designed to be simpler and cleaner than the previous design, with a bit of a scrapbook feel since I'm all about that. It's kind of my thing. Resources used are from caotiicah@DA, crazykira-resources@dA, sweettasteofbitter@dA, and subtlepatterns. Fonts used are Muli and Novecento. You can find past versions of this collective at my layout archive.

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