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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud Strife and Kadaj
Opened July 01st 2012
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Created in October 2005 by Raine, this fanlisting was recently passed on to me by the darling Lis. Cloud and Kadaj always stuck out to me, but for the longest time I wasn't sure why. I found it intriguing and refreshing that Cloud was rather soft and pitiful when it came to Kadaj, much like one would treat a younger brother who did something irreparably wrong.

 A New World
A New World
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Estheim, Hope and Noel Kreiss
Opened April 03rd 2012
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This fanlisting is largely based on the potential of some form of relationship between the two (some inspired from paradox endings). Though both of these characters come from different times and places, eras and cultures, the two of them are dedicated to changing and saving the future, humanity, and their friends and family.

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