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Dir en grey
Opened December 21st 2014
423 members (+0 pending)
From the age of ten, I grew up listening to Dir en grey. It would be a massive understatement to say that they influenced so many things in my life and will continue to do so. It is my love for this band and jrock that got me interested in fanlistings and web design in the first place. Almost every single song of theirs has some kind of nostalgic memory associated with it. It goes without saying that running this fanlisting is a tremendous honor.

 Hey Dreamchaser
Hey Dreamchaser
Opened July 29th 2014
104 members (+0 pending)
This band is one of my absolute favorites. Their music ranges from guttural metal to rock to hip-hop to techno, and I love every bit of it. Satoshi's vocal range never ceases to amaze me, and their energy at live concerts has few matches. From their earliest sound to their newest album, I've loved them with all of my heart and always will. I am proud and honored to run their fanlisting.

 What is human?
What is human?
Malice Mizer
Opened January 16th 2012
2605 members (+0 pending)
This band saw several member, image, and sound changes throughout its time and was officially placed on hiatus in 2001. Since then, many of its members have pursued solo careers. When Malice Mizer was active, they produced music that helped to define the genre of visual kei as it is now and are still a major influence even twenty years after forming and ten after disbanding.

Moi dix Mois
Opened August 12th 2012
363 members (+0 pending)
Moi dix Mois and I have a relationship going with quite a few years under our belts. I've been listening to this amazing band since childhood, and I have a thousand good memories associated with them. They are absolutely amazing and their sound is gorgeous. I have listened to them for years and will continue to do so.

 Return to Oneself
Return to Oneself
Rentrer en soi
Opened November 22nd 2011
50 members (+0 pending)
Though disbanded a few years ago, Rentrer en soi is still one of the more unique and captivating bands whose amazing music has graced this industry and still does. They have been an immense source of inspiration to me from my childhood until now and always will be. They are still one of my favorite bands even today.

 Social Riot
Social Riot
The Gazette
Opened February 22nd 2012
1157 members (+0 pending)
I have been listening to The GazettE for years and years now, back when they were known simply as Gazette. Their music has always captured my attention by continuing to evolve - each of their albums has it's own unique sound, and they all represent the GazettE wonderfully. This is one of my favorite bands, and I'm elated to be running their fanlisting.

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