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Opened October 15th 2012
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Adopted from the lovely Raine! Amatsuki is an incredible series, beautifully illustrated and masterfully plotted out. It was a refreshing change for me when I first discovered it - I love the whole concept of the series and particularly how complicated and mysterious the plot is. I am completely ecstatic that the care for it is now in my hands :)

 Death & Strawberry
Death & Strawberry
Opened June 28th 2014
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Bleach is a series I've been following since the beginning and continue to follow even now. It's had a huge impact on my life, and is one of my favorite animanga series ever. I am so beyond elated to have it in my care, I can't even describe how I feel. Thank you, AFL ToT

 Spirit Wars
Spirit Wars
Yu Yu Hakusho
Opened February 25th 2014
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It would be a massive understatement to say that Yu Yu Hakusho made me who I am today. To this day, there is not one single thing about it that I can pinpoint as what drew me to it - because so many things did. It's a human drama, a comedy, an action series, a risk-taking adrenaline pumping series that I fell in love with. It means the world to me that it was placed in my hands. Thank you Saya!

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