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 Pokemon Trainers: Blue/Green:  Pokemon Trainers: Cheren:  Pokemon Trainers: Falkner:  Pokemon Trainers: Gold:  Pokemon Trainers: Hugh:  Pokemon Trainers: Lorelei:  Pokemon Trainers: N:  Pokemon Trainers: Sabrina:  Pokemon Trainers: Shauntal (Shikimi):  Pokemon Trainers: Steven Stone:  Pokemon: Absol:  Pokemon: Altaria:  Pokemon: Amaura:  Pokemon: Ampharos:  Pokemon: Arcanine:  Pokemon: Arceus:  Pokemon: Articuno:  Pokemon: Azelf:  Pokemon: Azumarill:  Pokemon: Azurill:  Pokemon: Blaziken:  Pokemon: Bulbasaur:  Pokemon: Celebi:  Pokemon: Chandelure:  Pokemon: Charizard:  Pokemon: Charmander:  Pokemon: Cherubi:  Pokemon: Chikorita:  Pokemon: Combusken:  Pokemon: Cubchoo:  Pokemon: Cubone:  Pokemon: Cyndaquil:  Pokemon: Darkrai:  Pokemon: Delphox:  Pokemon: Dewgong:  Pokemon: Dialga:  Pokemon: Diancie:  Pokemon: Dragonair:  Pokemon: Dragonite:  Pokemon: Dratini:  Pokemon: Drifblim:  Pokemon: Drifloon:  Pokemon: Eevee:  Pokemon: Entei:  Pokemon: Espeon:  Pokemon: Espurr:  Pokemon: Fennekin:  Pokemon: Flaaffy:  Pokemon: Flareon:  Pokemon: Flygon:  Pokemon: Furret:  Pokemon: Gallade:  Pokemon: Gardevoir:  Pokemon: Gengar:  Pokemon: Giratina:  Pokemon: Glaceon:  Pokemon: Glameow:  Pokemon: Growlithe:  Pokemon: Gyarados:  Pokemon: Ho-oh:  Pokemon: Houndoom:  Pokemon: Jirachi:  Pokemon: Jolteon:  Pokemon: Joltik:  Pokemon: Lampent:  Pokemon: Lapras:  Pokemon: Latias:  Pokemon: Latios:  Pokemon: Leafeon:  Pokemon: Liepard:  Pokemon: Lilligant:  Pokemon: Litwick:  Pokemon: Lucario:  Pokemon: Lugia:  Pokemon: Magikarp:  Pokemon: Manaphy:  Pokemon: Marill:  Pokemon: Meganium:  Pokemon: Meowth:  Pokemon: Mew:  Pokemon: Mewtwo:  Pokemon: Milotic:  Pokemon: Misdreavus:  Pokemon: Moltres:  Pokemon: Mudkip:  Pokemon: Nidoking:  Pokemon: Nidoran (male):  Pokemon: Ninetales:  Pokemon: Pachirisu:  Pokemon: Phanpy:  Pokemon: Pikachu:  Pokemon: Piplup:  Pokemon: Ponyta:  Pokemon: Psyduck:  Pokemon: Purrloin:  Pokemon: Raichu:  Pokemon: Rapidash:  Pokemon: Rayquaza:  Pokemon: Sandshrew:  Pokemon: Sawsbuck:  Pokemon: Scyther:  Pokemon: Serperior:  Pokemon: Shinx:  Pokemon: Skiddo:  Pokemon: Skitty:  Pokemon: Snivy:  Pokemon: Snorlax:  Pokemon: Spritzee:  Pokemon: Squirtle:  Pokemon: Swablu:  Pokemon: Sylveon:  Pokemon: Talonflame:  Pokemon: Teddiursa:  Pokemon: Tepig:  Pokemon: Togepi:  Pokemon: Torchic:  Pokemon: Umbreon:  Pokemon: Vaporeon:  Pokemon: Vivillon:  Pokemon: Volcarona:  Pokemon: Vulpix:  Pokemon: Whimsicott:  Pokemon: Xerneas:  Pokemon: Yveltal:  Pokemon: Zapdos:  Pokemon: Zoroark:  Pokemon: Zorua:

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